Customer and operator services


Customer and operator relations services identifies the requirements of commuters and freight operators and develops customised programmes and interventions to address their needs. These functions include:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Managing and resolving conflicts
  • Promoting road safety and self-regulation
  • Ensuring good governance within the road transportation industry

In order to empower the cross-border road transport industry and maximise business opportunities, the agency has the following dedicated divisions carrying out its mandate:

  • Research and Development
  • Stakeholder Relations

Research and Development division

The Research and Development division provides value-adding advisory services on cross-border transport sector matters to the Minister of Transport and other stakeholders. It also promotes the development of the cross-border industry. In addition to advising the Minister of Transport on regional transport imperatives and challenges, this division’s role is to monitor and act against any restrictive measures that may be implemented by other SADC member states.

The delivery of the division’s outputs are in the form of in-depth and innovative research, which informs policies, strategies and legislation with respect to cross-border transport and trade matters.

Stakeholder Relations division

The Stakeholder Relations division establishes and maintains cooperative and consultative relationships with key stakeholders in the SADC region. Stakeholders range from international, national, provincial and local authorities to passenger and freight operators, and any other relevant stakeholders who work for the benefit of the cross-border road transport industry.

This division also monitors the implementation of cross-border road transport agreements between countries to ensure that cross-border operations are based on reciprocity, fair treatment and non-discrimination.

The Stakeholder Relations Division consists of two business units: the Operator Relations unit and the Facilitation unit.

Operator Relations unit

The Operator Relations unit focuses on:

  • Establishing structures and conducting consultations by engaging with stakeholders
  • Assisting with the handling of complaints and conflicts among operators
  • Identifying peaceful solutions or agreements among cross-border road transport associations in conflicts emanating from competition for transport routes

Facilitation unit

The Facilitation unit is tasked with establishing and maintaining cooperative and consultative relationships and structures with stakeholders in the three spheres of government, as well as with those SADC counterparts that have an interest in the cross-border road transport value chain.

This unit focuses on:

  • Monitoring the implementation of bilateral or multilateral road transport agreements and facilitating bilateral meetings with local stakeholders and SADC counterparts
  • Creating a comparative balance environment for South Africa’s cross-border road transport operators
  • Participating in and influencing transport corridor structures to reduce operational constraints
  • Addressing and resolving constraints experienced by cross-border road transport operators in all transport corridors and ports of entry, and providing support for cross-border road transport operators on the issues they face while operating in other countries
  • Monitoring operational developments in the cross-border road transport corridors and providing updates
  • Implementing the Linking Africa Plan

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