Research and Project Management unit


The Research and Project Management unit has two main pillars:

  • Research
  • Project management


The objectives of the research pillar are to:

  • Conduct in-depth research in relevant areas with the aim of providing scientifically driven solutions to the agency and information to key industry stakeholders in the transport, trade and cross-border value chains across various facets, i.e. policy, strategy, legislation and operations, in line with the mandate of the C-BRTA. Key aspects of this pillar include corridor assessment and strategic analysis, transport economics, trade and regional integration, public transport and road safety
  • Conduct research with a view to identifying opportunities for cross-border operators and traders
  • Conduct research leading to the execution and development of innovative projects, e.g. the Market Access Regulatory Tool and the Operator Compliance Accreditation Scheme
  • Provide information and advice on: policies, strategies and legislation with respect to cross-border transport and trade matters; strategies and solutions to address restrictive measures implemented in different countries; and solutions to address challenges (non-tariff barriers and technical barriers to trade, etc.) in the cross-border value chain
  • Drive the execution of research projects by the agency, including:
    • The Linking Africa Plan
    • Annual state of cross-border operations report
    • Country profile reports
    • Cross-border flow calculator
  • Disseminate information with a view to empowering policymakers’ decision-making, and on interventions that may be implemented to enhance the seamless flow of cross-border road transport movements – improving regional trade, regional integration, the development of the cross-border road transport industry and the overall development of the sector
  • Participate in strategic and technical committees and working groups in South Africa and the region that are tasked to design or craft transport and trade facilitation policies, strategies, standards and systems to address challenges and improve regional trade, socio-economic development, regional integration and cross-border road transport movement; and also to shape future trade and transport systems
  • Make technical contributions to the trade and transport body of knowledge through various channels, including conference and seminar presentations, and publishing research papers

Project management

The objectives of the project management pillar are to:

  • Provide strategic support by driving major initiatives and strategic projects in the C-BRTA to enable the organisation to achieve its objectives and goals
  • Provide project management support to divisions in the agency to ensure delivery of projects within time, budget and to quality requirements
  • Ensure an enhanced, coordinated and integrated delivery of projects within the C-BRTA