Government Gazette Publications

Section 33 of the Cross-Border Road Transport Act (Act 4 of 1998) deals with the publication of applications and reads as follows:

(1) The Regulatory Committee must, before considering any application for the granting or amendment of a permit authorising cabotage or for the granting or amendment of a permit for cross-border passenger road transport, except where the application relates to passengers who are employees, workers, contractors or agents of the applicant being transported in the course of the applicant's industry, trade or business, publish in the Gazette the particulars of any application as may be prescribed and invite any person to make representations in the manner and within the time prescribed, in respect of such application, except where the agreement provides otherwise and subject to subsections (1A) and (2).

[Sub-s. (1) substituted by s. 10 (a) of Act 12 of 2008.]

(1A) The Regulatory Committee may publish in the same manner an application for renewal of a permit contemplated in subsection (1), and must do so if the conditions or requirements of the permit are to be amended in the process.

[Sub-s. (1A) inserted by s. 10 (b) of Act 12 of 2008.]

(2) No representations made by a foreign carrier pursuant to a publication in terms of paragraph (a) will be taken into account unless South African carriers are afforded an opportunity to make representations, after a similar publication procedure, as referred to in subsection (1), in the state where the foreign carrier is registered.

(3) The Minister may, in consultation with the Regulatory Committee and the relevant stakeholders, extend the publication procedure to freight transport.

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