Road Safety Tips

Tip 1: Pre-Trip inspection of vehicle:

  • Conduct a compulsory pre-trip inspections on your vehicle to ensure tyres are properly inflated,
  • Wiper blades in working order,
  • Seat belts in good conditions and working order,
  • Spare wheel is available and properly inflated,
  • Headlamps and brake lights in working order,
  • A reflective jacket in-case of emergency stops,
  • Triangle is in place.

Tip 2: Driver fitness:

  • Go for preliminary medical check-ups with a registered general practitioner to ensure the following:
  • Balanced sugar levels,
  • Balanced blood pressure, if using spectacles ensure they are properly maintained and visibly clear for driving purposes,
  • Avoid using intoxicating medical drugs or similar substances before or whilst driving,
  • Take a break for every 200kms or 2hours.

Tip 3: Compliance with Road Safety Regulations:

  • Keep a safe following distance of at least 3.5 metres or see three broken lane lines, but it would be advisable to keep at least 10 metre distance in-between cars moreover on busy national roads.
  • Keep to stipulated speed limits,
  • Keep safety belt on throughout the trip.

Tip 4: Compliance requirements with cross border road transport legislations:

  • Keep to the stipulated maximum number of passengers,
  • Ensure all passengers in your vehicle your vehicle are in passion of valid passports or travel documents,
  • Complete a passenger list/consignment note before departure,
  • All passengers including the driver and children must wear safety belts,
  • Goods in the vehicle and trailer should be securely packed and fastened,
  • Comply with stipulated maximum speed limit.